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    Category On Incident Resolution Window


      I wonder if anyone can offer a little advice on incident call categories and if creating a brand new category object is needed or not?


      Our situation:


      We were planning on having our incident window category copy over to the incident resolution window, which could then be changed by analysts if needed; this wouldn't change the category on the main incident window however.

      Unfortunately it turns out there would be some side-effects to this so we have decided to go with a simpler version and just replicate these categories on the resolution window without any copying over from the main incident window.


      My question is what is the best way to go about this?


      1. Use the same category object: Simply use the same object from the main incident window on the resolution window.
        Ar there any problems with this, such as when this is changed on the incident resolution window would it change what was initially selected on the incident window too? Also, how does this affect reporting if you wished to report on each seperatly and make a distinction between the two?
      2. Create a new category for the resolution window: This would have the exact same categories in it but would be a seperate collection with a different name. I want to ensure we're doing this the right way so that we can report on this to show what category was selected on the resolution window.
        This way the resolution category would contain the exact same info as the incident window version; I want to avoid duplication where possible for obvious reasons, so is this the best or only option?


      Any advice or suggestions on this appreciated, thanks!

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Darren


          1. Use the same category object: I'd go with this one.  You'd need to drag the incident category object onto the resolution object within object designer (if no relationship is already created for this).  By doing this (select No to seeing all incident closures on category when you are asked) then you are creating a new relationship between the category and incident resolution objects.  In effect by doing this you are creating a new column in the resolution table in the database which will hold a new reference to which category is being selected.  This is a completely seperate column to the one on your incident table and so changing one would not affect the other.  Also for reporting they would be entirely seperate fields.
          2. Create a new category for the resolution window: More overhead to keep them the same.  You could perhaps look at using import / export but still it would be a more difficult solution I think.


          I'd always suggest trying any design changed out on your test system first though just to make sure you get the results you expect.


          Best wishes


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            Tested and working great, thanks Karen.