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    LD AV AND Safe Mode


      Is there any way to run the ld av in safe mode, all i get is service is not started. Of course it not, its in safemode.

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          Currently, LDAV can't run in safe mode. There is an enhance request already submitted to LANDesk engineer group. Maybe this will added to products soon in the future.






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            I hope that they do because some files can't be cleaned in normal mode. The LD AV seems to be easily better than mcafee and other products but we had to install norton corporate to clean the machine, LD AV was installed after the the virus infected the machine and mcafee wich we currently run corrupted.






            I am trying to sway my company into pruchasing LD AV in the future after our mcaffee expires this summer. Its hard to do that if you can't run it into safe mode to actually get the files cleaned.