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    Inventory scan on a Windows File Server


      Hello Community,


      We just moved our company file servers from Netware to windows 2008. One issue I am having is with the Inventory scan on these servers. We have 4.3 million files on the server and the inventory service hangs on trying to scan these files. Is there anyway to prevent the Inventory scan from running on a specific drive letter?




      By the way, we are running LD 9.0

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          You can edit the ldappl3.template file, but you need to be aware that the changes you make are global for all systems, not just one in particular.


          Once you make changes you need to go into SLM and "Make available to client" by clicking on the icon, if on LD 9 go to Reporting / Monitoring > Manage Software list, and click on the make available to clients icon


          Then it will take an inventory or two of the clients to get the new info, and you should be good.


          Below are examples of what you need to to.  I would NOT exclude whole drives as you will be doing this for all systems....  See my file server list to see how I did it.


          You MUST add the "\" after the folder name or it will not work







          Samples of ones that LANDesk adds by default:



          ExcludeDir=%ProgramFiles%\LANDESK\SHARED FILES\
          ExcludeDir=%ProgramFiles%\COMMON FILES\MICROSOFT SHARED\



          Samples of some thart I have had to add for file servers:




          And one from a data drive