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    .BAD File - MS Patch




      I am trying to patch MS Critical/High patches - Windows 2000 Server - Some patch got installed but some changed file extension to .bad and modify date to Dec. 31 1969 and those patches fails.

      LDMS 8.8 SP3

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          IF you are seeing this on your clients....


          By default LANDesk clients will go to other systems on the same subnet to download a patch, no other systems have it, it will go to the core.


          I have seen this many times, one or more systems on the subnet has a bad file and other clients then and grab it, the client will then do a hash check, find it bad, and it gets renamed .bad



          It is fairly easy to fix, go to Managed Scripts, creat a new custom script, call it "Delete SDMCache" and under the [Machines] section add this:





          Save, it schedule it and run it on all systems on the same subnet as the affected system.


          Re-run the task


          This will clear the cache and the system will then go to the core to get the files