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    Multipart/alternative Reminders




      Is it possible to configure incident reminders in some way to allow Multipart/alternative emails?  We want to be able to send Incident reminders as HTML/rich text but we do have some users that use plain text for their emails.



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          the trick would be knowing which people to send what type.....


          just off the top of my head, you could have a field on the user details to flag whether they want plain text

          then set up a new condition on RAISE USER to test the new PLAIN TEXT field

          In the process insert a descision such that if they want plain text it goes to one ADD REMINDER, and otherwise ot goes to another....


          This would be for the user that the incidnet is logged under....

          If you're sending to analyst/customer/other you will need to set up a condition to suit





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            gramsay Specialist

            As the html/plain text is set globally, any plain text mail is effectively sent as html. So line breaks etc. won't show.

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              True..... you'd have to set that field to plain text, but then you could paste HTML code into it for the HTML version reminder. Messy though

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                Hi  ozwalkerz and gramsay,


                Thank you for your replies, however, the issue of sending "what" to "whom" is not really a problem.  All that LANDesk needs to do is send both formats on a multipart/alternative email.  The decision of which email format to render lays on the users' email client (see the RFC 2046, Section 5.1.4 - http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2046#section-5.1.4).


                So logistically, I could create two fields: one for plain text reminders (REMINDER_TXT) and the other on rich format reminders (REMINDER_HTML).  Then, I could include both field to the reminder message separated by the "boundary".  However, I'll need to tell the reminder that it is a multipart/alternative message and this involves changing the header of the email.


                So my question could be rephrase to: Is there are way to change/replace the headers of email send by LANDesk.



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                  Whoops.... yep, that's a different animal and waay out of my depth


                  Cheers ,