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    Software Catergorization Tools?


      I was wondering if anyone out there has come across any software categorization tools?  For instance, I would like to export software asset information from LanDesk and then have a tool run through the software titles and match up to a software category.  For example, if it encounters Text Pad, it would label as a text editor application.


      The end goal is to create standard applications across the enterprise.  Where some users run Text Pad and other run UltraEdit, I could group those applications together as "Text Editors" and then let the users fight it out as to which one becomes the standard.




      - Craig.

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          egarlepp Employee

          I have found that the easiest way to accomplish this is using DTS from Managed Planet. This can be done using SQL scripts, and updating the Datamart.xml file with the new field you created as well.  Be aware all of these steps are manual in the sense that you need to identify the apps and plac etha category name that you want.  With some work you can create exactly what you want.  I have used this process to categorize our patches in LANDesk as we needed.  It has worked out real well.  We were then able to extend the categorization into LANDesk queries to allow us to report on them.  Good luck!