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    Profile Migration and the F12 button..

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Hi we are using provisioning successfully and i am just looking at the profile migration side of things.


      My question is i have two provisioning templates and on is the profile migration side of things and the other is the build PC part. I have linked the two so they should run consecutively.


      my problem is that after the profile migration we reboot and unless someone is there to press F12 ( network boot ) then the machine will go back into windows.


      We have a utility that can change the boot order in the BIOS but this leads me onto the F12 issue in general.


      If you have a provisioning task and drag an active machine into it it can and should auto reboot and start priovisioning,...again how without a user to press F12


      is there something i am missing or is it a case of indeed using a Bios change utility and changing the boot order for the templates then putting the boot order back after??


      Any suggestions appreciated