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    Quicktime 7 silent install

    fchrappah Apprentice

      Anyone has ideas on quicktime silent install from LDMS 9? Thanks

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          Extract the QuickTimeInstaller.exe to get the MSI installers that it uses, then you can make a batch file to install those. I believe this is how Patch Manager is deploying it (I know it is for iTunes).


          I don't specifically deploy through LANDesk because we have it on our base image, but here is the script I use in when deploying via MDT:


          @echo off
          cd /d "%~dp0"
          rem Install Apple Application Support
          msiexec /i "%cd%\AppleApplicationSupport.msi" /quiet /norestart
          rem Install QuickTime
          "%cd%\QuickTimeInstaller.exe" /quiet DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS=0
          rem Install iTunes
          "%cd%\iTunesSetup.exe" /quiet DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS=0
          rem Delete Uninstall QuickTime shortcut
          if exist "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\QuickTime\Uninstall QuickTime.lnk" del "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\QuickTime\Uninstall QuickTime.lnk"

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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup

            I took the Quicktime "patch" from my ldlogon\patch folder off of the core, copied it to our package share and then created a new .exe package in LANDesk.


            I call the exe just as it is and in the install options section I add:





            That's it.  Has worked for all of the 7.x versions for me

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              create a batch file distribution


              Run QuickTimeInstaller.exe /extract


              it will create 3 msi


              then create a .bat file like this in notepad


              msiexec /i "\\servername\share\Quicktime\QuickTime.msi" /passive DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS=NO
              msiexec /i "\\servername\share\Quicktime\AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi" /passive
              msiexec /i "\\servername\share\Quicktime\AppleApplicationSupport.msi" /passive


              save the files and .bat to you software distrubtion server


              add the three msi files as additional files to your distribution package.

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                Not really necessary to create a batch.

                Create 3 MSI packages. With switch that working fine.


                So In your task, In package section :


                Priliminary : select Quicktime

                Principal : select AppleSoftwareUpdate

                Finaly : select AppleApplicationSupport


                Deploy and Enjoy !