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    Outbound Email Content (Incident Notes)


      Hi there,


      Just a quick query if anyone can please shed any light on this one.


      We have various outbound emails in our incident process, most of which have absolute values specified.

      This is so that we can fully edit what's contained within the emails sent to the customer (layout etc) and they're sent in html format, this includes data pulled from the associated incident, which is easy enough and working fine.


      We'd like to do a similar thing with notes added to incidents, currently we can flag notes to be sent out to the customer with a runtime value specified such as the note title and details; this is fine, however that's all that can be included in the email when doing things this way it seems.


      I have tried to use an absolute control to arrange the note emails as we'd like them to look when sent, however when using the same code as used when specifying a runtime value e.g. {Incident/Notes/Title}, this does not return the value specified and simply shows that code in the email.


      Any ideas if there's a way to get the best of both worlds with note emails, nicely edited using html and layed out as we wish but also able to include info pulled from the notes collection or is this simply not possible yet?


      Many thanks.