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    Identifying specific dates


      Greetings all,


      I'm new to the forums - this is my first post - and I am hoping this is the place to ask my question.


      I've been given the task of creating some reports via Crystal Reports, the data of which is derived from service desk database. The nature of many of the reports requires being able to isolate sets of records based on specific dates and actions as applicable: the date an incident is designated resolved, the date an incident is designated as closed, and the date an incident is designated unresolved; the selection criteria for these dates being within a specified timeframe, provided by the report's user. I've identified some one-to-many relationships between the im_incident table and pm_process and pm_process_assignment, but I cannot identify a consistent field in any of these tables that would reflect this information.


      I'm guesiing that the information i need to locate is going to be located in several tables probably other than where I am currently looking. Can you offer directions to isolate these field values?