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    Mac Policy Based Distribution


      On Macs, when a scheduled task is set to be delivered with an optional or recommended, "as desired" policy, the application "LANDesk PBD Update" opens after the PDB "check now" button is clicked (runs ldapm). I can not find any documentation about this application and wonder whether it's the beginning of a "Desktop Manager" application like the one for Windows. Also, I cannot find documentation for the ldapm command. I was originally concerned that setting an optional policy distribution package for Macs would cause the "LANDesk PBD Update" app to open every day when the agent checks for policies; however, I discovered that ldapm is executed with the "-r" switch for the daily check. ldapm -r doesn't open the "LANDesk PBD Update" app.


      Is there any documentation for Policy Based Distribution on Macs?

      Is there a plan to create a Desktop Manager for Macs like the one for Windows?


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          jabramson Apprentice

          I noticed that the MAC agent doesn't have the ability to be set not show the PBD like there is for the PC agent. Nor is there any settings in local app. Will this need an enhancement request? The only workaround I have found is to not advertise packages to MACs.