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    Configure PXE and LDMS


      We are relatively new to LDMS and to date we have been testing the deployment process and building the deployment packages, however we are almost ready to venture into the world of true OS Deployment (deploy images to computers and then applications based on Provisioning templates).


      I am wanting to get my head around the whole process that is required to setup our AD/DHCP server to use LDMS when booting into PXE environment.  Our environment is an Windows Active Directory 2003 and we are currently using Acronis Snap Deploy for image deployment.


      Is anyone able to provide me with links or information on the steps required to setup PXE to work with LDMS.  If there are any guides or BKM's that would be great.


      Also, is there any way of using Acronis after we have migrated over to LDMS for PXE?  Even though our intention is to stop using Acronis, we may still require it for some deployments while we are still setting up LDMS so if we could use LDMS for PXE that would be great, if not then we will just make the cutover when we are completely setup and ready to go.


      My apologies if this has already been answered else where in the forums, I have done some searching and havent been able to find much that would assist us in setting up the environment.