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    Provisioning Fails Schedule Tasks Succeed


      I am experiencing a strange issue where some software fails when it is deployed as part of a Provisioning template but everytime it is ran as a scheduled task it will succeed.  The scheduled tasks are being deployed using Policy-supported push, and the provisioning template is being deployed using Policy deployment.


      What is happening is when the provisioning template is running, it will fail on Adobe Reader 8 and the next title, Sophos Anti-Virus, will run for more then 3 hours without failing or succeeding.  Both of these applications successfully deploy to the same computer when being deployed using a scheduled task.  I am thinking it has something to do with the delivery method, but cant work out why these two applications fail yet the other 8 applications succeed.


      I am not sure what (if any) logs can assist with tracking down the issue, is anything that I should be looking into to try and fix this issue.






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          Hi, wanting to see if there is anything that I need to provide to allow people to assist me with my problem?  It is something that is really annoying as I cannot see why the applications would succeed when run in a scheduled task but fail when part of a provisioning task.


          Please let me know if there are logs that would help solve the problem or any other data that may be of assistance.




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            As far as I know Adobe Reader 8 needs a reboot. Take a reboot in the provisioning template for adobe.


            Regards Adi

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              What version of LANDesk are you using?


              Try moving them around in the placement of the installs in the script. Some apps will conflict if you try to run them back to back. For example, you can't run 2 versions of .net installations back to back. You need to separate it with something like a simple install or maybe a couple minute wait. You can also clear the "Stop processing the template if this action fails" checkbox.