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    Training Room support with LANDesk

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      I hope this isn't too off-topic for this forum.  I'm looking for feedback from anyone who may be doing this already.



      I've been asked to find a solution for a 12-PC training room in our building.  Currently, users have full admin rights to the boxes in order to load whatever they may need for training.  I'm trying to come up with a good way of locking the machines down so that I'm not forced to go in there after each training and delete docs from the desktop, change the wallpaper back, find and reset anything users have changed, etc.  I'd like to lock them down as much as possible.



      I haven't looked at it seriously but I heard that there are plugins for using DeepFreeze with LANDesk.  Is anyone using these, or know of another tool that does something similar?  I'm looking for any hints or recommendations to get the ball rolling.  Thanks in advance for your response.



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          Could be a number of differnet ways to do this. I have not used Deep Freeze, but their stuff does look very nice. You could:





          • Reimage the computers with a default image after each class.  Could have a separate restore partition on each computer, get the image of the network, etc.

          • If you have Active Directory, you could use Group Policies/Default Profile to restrict what the uses can change, add, modify.


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            another option that works good it local group policy. go to run type gpedit.msc (local and domain policy look almost identical)



            domain group policy would be ideal and quicker






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              Thanks for the quick responses.  I should have mentioned I've also looked into Windows SteadyState.  Great for kiosk machines and the like, allows you to lock and unlock profiles so they can't be modified, add/remove certain functions/icons/abilities per profie.  Seems to work pretty well.  Eventually these machines will be in AD so we could manage them with GPOs if need be.



              My goal, however, was to try to set something up within LANDesk, to try and automate the room as much as possible.  I've got some good ideas just from your posts so I'll see what I can do. 



              Thanks again, and if you have any more ideas send them on!



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                YES! Deep Freeze is a GREAT tool for what you are looking to do! We used it on the student computers at the last University I was at and I am trying to convince the University I am currently working for to do it as well. What's better is that if you need to make changes to the machines then you can use the LANDesk console to "thaw" the machines with the mouse and keyboard locked so that nobody can use them while you are doing administrative functions. When you are done, tell LANDesk to "freeze" them and it takes care of it for you!






                I found the combination of Deep Freeze and LANDesk to be a great tool for managing student and classroom computers. I think you too will see the value rather quickly if you opted to go that route.

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                  This is starting to be discussed at my facility also - we have several training rooms also with 12-15 pc's & I would love to setup a solution to auto-image these things periodically using a single stock image, rename & re-attach to the domain.


                  Have you made any headway on this? with/without deepfreeze?  any tips or guidance you can provide?