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    Use script to prompt for Computer Name




      We have just started using LANDesk 9 with OSD and Process Manager.  In process manager we have a web form that asks for information, ie. computer name, mac address, applications to install, backup old computer, etc...


      In order for everything to be successfully kicked off though, our technicians need to specify the MAC address.  I would like to come up with a way to have the OSD PE environment to prompt for a computer name, then automatically start.  This is not a Process Manager Question, but more of how to update the DB after PE is loaded.


      I was thinking of a quick vbscript where it asks for the computer name, but since PE already registers the computer in the LD Database as its MAC address, that will not work.  Next I thought, that I might be able to use csvimport to update it, but I have not been successful with that either.


      Any ideas?  I am hoping that someone else has accomplished this.

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          JeremyG Apprentice

          They way I have accomplished this, is to indeed use a script to prompt for computer name from WinPE.


          However, rather than trying to update the LANDesk database, the script simply modifies the Sysprep.inf file of the machine being deployed.  (Modify the "ComputerName=" line)   After the machine completes and updates the LANDesk database with an inventory, the computer name will be updated.


          This should do what you need unless you need to see the target computer name duirng the whole install process.


          Also, I do this with provisioning, I almost never use the "OSD" feature, so I'm not sure if that would have the same result.

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            If your using PE for provisioning, then you could add the mac and computer name under bare metal server > right click - add devices. In your unattend.txt, specify ComputerName=%ldHostname%. I believe it works the same if your using sysprep.inf with an image.

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              JeremyG Apprentice

              I just re-read this, and I think I totally MIS-read it the first time.

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                I have tried both of those, but they require the use of a MAC address.  Please allow me to clarify the steps a bit...


                1. The tech logs into our web page (via PM, as seen below) to create a request for the provisioning process, the request uses MAC address and Computer Name
                2. PM then creates a computer account with the name, and MAC address
                3. PM schedules the provisioning task to the computer name from Step 2
                4. Tech launches WinPE and ldprovisioing starts, because of the MAC address.


                What I would like to do is have Step 1 not ask for the MAC address.  Then when Step 4 starts, it just asks for the computer name that they create in step one.


                My problem is that I have to have the MAC address so that the process will start.  I wish I could use the MAC address, but we never know who is getting what computer until about 1 minute before this starts, and it could even change after that depending on who walks in.  That is why we would like to just fill out a request page, with the computer name, so that its ready when the Tech types in the computer name after PE launches.




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                Jeremy G:  We are using the OSD feature, and the unattend.xml is being populated with computer name create in step 1, which is working.

                JMac: That is essentially what I am doing with the Process Manager process, however it requires a MAC address.procman.jpg

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                  You can use miniscan.exe to update the database from within WINPE.


                  "c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\miniscan.exe" "/send=Custom Data - Build Name = Example"


                  In fact this is what LANDesk uses to update the database with the MAC address for a Virtual or PXE booted device by running:


                  miniscan /nodeviceid /usemacasname


                  miniscan /x /nodeviceid /usemacasname (Managed Boot)

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                    After testing and tweaking, this worked perfectly.  Plus allwoing 9.0 to have it in its inventory!



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                      I know this is an older thread, but I'm curious.  Where in the world does the Web Page for Provisioning New Machines come from like the one above?  Am I missing something?  This looks like something that would be of great use to me, as I currently have several Provisioning tasks setup that have to be scheduled for deployment.  Something like this web page would be so much easier than what I am currently doing.