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    Add custom data to inventory


      Hello all,


      I know this has been discussed to some extent already, but what I am trying to do seems to vary a bit from what others have wanted. Here is a brief overview of what I am trying to do.


      My overall objective is to collect a list of trusted sites that a given user has entered into their IE settings on their machines.


      From what I can see, the registry keys reside under here.  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet

      So, I originally tried the LDMS client. It is great if I simply wanted to read actual values from a given key. The problem with it is that IE seems to generate subkeys with data contained within. So under the "domains" key it contains another key for "msn.com" "google.com" etc. (examples)


      I then figured I need something to enumerate the keys contained within the domain key to grab all the data. I cannot see a built in feature to do that in the LDMS_client or in LANDesk, so I wrote a script to do so.


      I have my script set to grab this data and throw it into a .dat file to look like this:


      Internet Explorer - Trusted Sites - msn.com
      Internet Explorer - Trusted Sites - google.com


      I modeled it after how the "findpst" script that I think I found on droppedpackets.org generates the data. When I run that, it creates a "email" sub category and data within from a dat file modeled like this:


      Email - PST Files - Personal Folders(1) - File Location = c:\documents and settings\administrator\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook\personal folders(1).pst


      For some reason, when I run mine though, the inventory scanner comes up with an error "invalid data"


      Here are my questions,


      1. is there something I am missing with the above method to get this data entered into inventory?


      2. Is there a better way that you guys might know of to accomplish this?



      Thanks in advance for any help.