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    'Watching' an incident?


      I thought I saw something recently about a process that allowed you to 'watch' an incident so you were notified of any changes..... but now I can't find it again.


      Has anyone seen such a beast?


      I was thinking in particular of using it to keep a users supervisor (or similar) in the loop on what's happening with an incident.




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          yes Stuart.  One of our team has done this, but I'll claim the idea as mine never-the-less :-)  I'll swap you 1 process and an 4 G of memory on that 732 test box for more details....


          Actually there were two solutions, here is the first ...


          What we did was to add an action called Watch which recorded that someone wanted to do this and also gave them a check box to pause/enable the watching.  The action really just needs to know who the create user is and that they have watch turned on.  Then write a query against this object and make sure the update date of the incident is in that, use the check box to exclude incidents someone doesn't want to watch and the symbolic reference of current analyst to only see watches for the person running the query.  Then hook this up to the RSS feed generator and use the publication date as the update date of the incident.  Then an RSS reader will see a new entry each time and pop up.  But not everyone has the RSS generator and not everyone can agree on a company wide reader, so ...


          Since then I've done ' better' one.  As before create a customer action to collect someones details and then use an automatic Add CC action to add that persons email details as a CC recipient.  Turn on CC on the mail for outbound and then each time an update goes out as an email, the people on the Add CC list will be notified too.  With care this can be used to allow an arbitrary email address to be CC'd.  Turning the CC off is slightly mechanical in that you have to blank out the email address or change it to something that will never work.  There are a few implementation details when you get to the nitty gritty, but that is the basics.


          Hope that skechty outline helps

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            Lara Hellman SupportEmployee

            Hi Stuart,


            The other place this has been described is by Andy Parker on Andy's How To... Guides thread.  We demo'd how to set this up at the recent user groups so you may have seen it there too.





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              Thanks Lara, That was the one I saw..... Interestingly if you search the community for 'watch' that thread does not appear.


              Dave, I like yours too, and will be talking soon





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                Anita.Carr Apprentice

                Hi Dave,


                We have seen your helpful answer on the creation of a watch list and like what you have done with the Automatic CC mail. I would appreciate knowing how you have set this up in the process and how you have grabbed the email address of the analyst. Have you set anything up to remove the CC mail if they stop watching?


                Many thanks


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                  Setting up the Add CC action is described in the LANDesk documentation pretty well and if you have a fairly modern database, you may well find it is already there.  The following article might be elderly, but works for me.  If you get a bit stuck with that I'd log a support call so you can get specific advice on that.  It talks about an issue which has been fixed in later releases.




                  In my case, the design was produced because the customer wanted to send details out to external email address for people that were not registered in LANDesk, so they wanted to type them in.  In the case you want to use the analyst emails address from LANDesk.  Now from memory you cannot use a calculation on email address in the Incident CC Recipient object to do this.  You can try adding the System/User object onto the Incident CC Recipient Object, but the last time I tried that you couldn't then copy or calculate from that attribute into the email address field.  If that is still the case with more modern versions, I would create a 'wrapper' action called 'Add a CC' or something like that.  Put the user object onto that object and in your process follow this manual action on with an automatic Add CC Recipient.  You can then use value type to copy the details such as the users email address from your action to the product based Add CC Recipient object email address attribute.


                  You will still need to train people when they want to change the CC list.  Double click the product based CC Recipients collection entry and blank/change it.  There isn't a feature in the product to delete items from collections.


                  If you were to raise an ER to allow removal of colelction items, then I for one would vote for it!

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                    Anita.Carr Apprentice

                    Thanks for this Dave, I like the wrapper idea to auto populate the email address. I've tested the Add CC action and it works so I can start playing with it now. We may need to add in both end users and analysts to the cc action so there should be no need for the user to type in data (email addresses) that already exists.