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    Using OSD script in provisioning templates




      I was reading the general guide from Mach6 on capturing and restoring profiles (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-9312) in LDMS 9. I have created the two scripts as described but I'm having trouble actually using them. I presumed I would use them within a provisioning template, but I don't seem to be able to remember (if I ever did know) how to do it. I've looked around a few documents that seem to get into the realms of rocket science for a LANDesk novice like me. I would be grateful if someone could give me a pointer on how to incorporate these scripts into provisioning or shove me in the direction of the documentation I need.




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          EMiranda Expert

          An OSD script is only a  list of commands executed one after each other.


          You can duplicate the same functions by using the Add action and placing them in the right section of your provisioning template.





          in your OSD script you would have the line


          REMEXEC23=diskpart /s X:\LDClient\WIPECLEANDISK0.TXT


          you could execute this same command in a provisioning template by placing an "Execute File" action item in the Pre-OS installation section


          with same similiar commands





          so in short, open up your OSD scripts and find what you want in your provisioning template and convert the command over into an action item

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            Thanks EMiranda,


            I will get started on trying to replicate the script in a new template.


            So would you just use the script like an image install script and run it from WinPE (assuming I didn't use a template)? Or is that function just available to help you build a script file?



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              EMiranda Expert

              Personally, i use a OSD script in 2 scenarios:


              1.  I load the script in my PXE menu and the user/technician can boot off the pxe server (if they have one) and choose to do a image job from the PXE menu that pops up.

              2.  I can schedule the OSD script against a computer already in the database and it will reimage the machine using vboot

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                So here comes the really stupid question. I have my profile script but I can't see any options to schedule it, how do I do that?