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    With Customer Status - Add and Send Attachment?


      Hello all,


      I have a little query regarding the 'With Customer' status and what's possible to add on to this.


      Our system sends an email out to the customer with the info the analyst entered on the with customer window, however, a question was recenlty asked as to if it was possible to add and send an attachment at the same time; this would be sent as a part of the same email to the customer.

      Any ideas if this is this even possible or if it would be easy or a nightmare to try and put in?


      We have the add attachment option as a seperate action on the incident window but this is just for analyst use and no email is generated; there are occasions when it would be very useful to be able to send an attachment along with these emails.


      We're using version 7.3.2.


      Any help with this appreciated, cheers!