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    reconfiguration required


      I've cloned our two Service desk servers so we can run though a test upgrade, however as the cloned servers have different server names/IPs etc I will need to reconfigure the applications so as to use their new server names/IPs etc. Please can someone let me know what files and their locations I will need to edit for the change of server name/IP ?



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



          You dont give much info on the servers involved but I presume you have a Web Server and Apps Server as that's the normal best practice configuration.


          I presume you have ServicePortal and the TPS Web Service on the Web Server and all other Aervices (Mail, Knowledge, Config, DataImport, Query etc etc) on the Apps Server.


          IMHO I would think you'd need to:


          a) On each Analyst/Test client,  edit the console.exe.config file in the LANDesk ServiceDesk folder to point to the new web server URL.


          b) On the Web Server you need to update the tps.config files (in the ProgramData\Touchpaper folder on 2008 server or in All Users profile on 2003 Server) for any instances of Touchpaper.Framework.Web you have defined.  Similarly for ServicePortal and other web based apps (ie mobile portal).  For ServicePortal in 7.3 that has the integrated TPS then it's in the web.config file in the ServicePortal virtual directory folder.   I would assume though that on the Web Server you set all of these to use "Localhost" rather than the server name (self) as this is better performing as no DNS lookups required?


          c) On the Apps Server you are going to have to update the URLs in the xxx.WindowsService.exe.config files in the LANDesk Applications folder. I think you can use the "TouchpaperPasswordTool.exe" to do this in one hit if you want.


          My advice would be to change a bit at a time and test as you go:


          a) change the core TPS first and one console.exe.config and check it works.  Once proven any other consoles.

          b) then ServicePortal. Then other web apps.

          c) then each of the app windows services and verify that they each start OK without error.





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            We have a 3 server setup, database, Apps and Web

            The Database server has only SQL on it
            The App server has "Application Server", "Console", "Web Server", "Knowledge Server", "LANDDesk Reports" and Verity K2.6.1.1

            The Web server has "Console" and "Web Server"


            I have confirmed the DB server is up and running and responding to SQL commands


            I thought I try the App server first.


            > c) On the Apps Server you are going to have to update the URLs in the xxx.WindowsService.exe.config files in the LANDesk Applications folder. I think you can use the "TouchpaperPasswordTool.exe" to do this in one hit if you want.


            I ran the above tool which went through and edited the config files, however the tool did not ask for the database server's name although it did ask for a username and password which I assumed was for the database. I also assumed the TPS server name was the name of the App server, I also guessed that the TPS virtual directory should be "Touchpaper.Framework.Web.726"


            Are my assumptions above correct ?, and where do I set the database server name ?



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              elizabethcombrink Employee

              Database server gets set in the b) bit of Julian's explanation

              Reading the upgrade guide will guide you through what you need to do - just don't do the MetaDataConverter bit without a db backup

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                elizabethcombrink Employee

                Crystal Reports:


                If your crystal reports are on the old server, you need to repoint to the new location -- In the Crystal Reports icon, select Set Default Reports Path, and browse to shared location which holds the rpt files.

                The crystal reports themselves will have to be repointed to the new db location


                If you've got Crystal Enterprise installed as well then there is some work to do there, as well as repoint the indiv reports



                You may have some data sources set up - check that these are still valid .  Select * from md_data_source, or check in Console

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                  Sorry but I must be missing something, B) seemed to refer to the Web Server, im looking at the app server at the moment.


                  I've now searched the entire server (including hidden and system folders) for all files named "web.config" and "tps.config", I found no files called "tps.config" and only one file "web.config"  in which I can find no references to a server name or URL



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                    Sorry, but I have now found  tps.config  which does contain the details I was expecting. I'll change the settings and let you know how I get on



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                      elizabethcombrink Employee

                      The word WebServer is confusing - the whole application is a web application, so any part of the setup other than the db can be referred to as web server.  You need to find the tps.config files and edit them.  There will be one for Service Portal, WebDesk as well as each TPS

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                        Hi John


                        I was wondering if you achieved the desired result with this.  I am looking to do the same thing (copy our test environment), and rather than start installing LANDesk from scratch, I thought I could just clone our application and web servers, and point them to a new database (which would be a copy of the test db).




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                          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



                          In my post i was meaning "Web Server" in the sense of the different server roles as defined in the LANDesk Tech. Spec. & Arch. Guidelines doc.





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                            Hi Paul,


                            Yes I did manage to clone successfully, the only tricky part was finding all the configuration files. I have receintly done it again as we are testing the 7.4 upgrade.


                            I actually cloned the database server as well as the web and app servers (we have three servers in our setup) after cloning, renaming and changing the IPs etc you have to go through the web and app servers changing the configuration files to point to the correct server(s). The changes to the files are minimal the only tricky bit is finding them all. I made no changes to the database server (other than name and IP)


                            I de-configured the outgoing email server to stop the cloned systems sending out emails to live users/customers just in case.




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                              Just a note of caution - we have had issues with cloned servers before.  IMHO you get a cleaner, much more supportable result if you take your templated blank Windows servers and install the software from scratch.  If it doesn't matter if the new servers break or cannot be upgraded because they are sandpit/dev types boxes, then you might well be happy with cloning!


                              It would be nice if LANDesk prodiuced a document on this very subject [hint!]

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                                chrisjgill Apprentice

                                Is anyone able to advise if a LIVE (Production) LANDesk SQL database can be used to refresh the TEST (UAT) LANDesk SQL database?


                                We have not cloned servers as UAT and LIVE were built from the ground up (Web Server, App Server, Knowledge Server, Database Server - all 7.3)


                                The technical bit of restoring UAT from a backup of LIVE is simple, but I suspect a large amount of settings which will be carried over in the DB will need changing for UAT...

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                                  We have a production(LIVE) and a test environmnet.


                                  When a data refresh is needed we back up the production SQL data and restore it to test.


                                  We then have a documnet of steps we go through to make the data usable for the test environmnet.


                                  Such steps are to clear change data, update email boxes both outbound and inbound, updating the appliction settings table to update report and knowledge settings, disabling schedule jobs, etc.


                                  The application and web servers are a mute point as they are separate installs.


                                  The document we use takes about 20 minutes to go through to fix up the test environment....

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                                    chrisjgill Apprentice

                                    Many thanks for the reply


                                    Do you clear down passwords stored in the user accounts for analysts/end users?

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