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    Tell Support Why LANDesk is Awesome for Your Company

    Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

      When someone calls support, it is usually because there is a problem, something is wrong, or broken, or a bug is found. Mostly, we get called about the mistakes and problems.


      However, you all have LANDesk for reasons that do not include the mistakes and problems.  We seldom get support calls on the good things about our how our product helped you out.


      What are the things that make LANDesk Software awesome for you and your company?

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          It's simply the best remote-control training and repair tool that we've come across... we tried Microsoft and other tools and nothing works as well for customer support.  Our helpdesk uses it every day.   So it saves us time, travel and shoe leather while projecting our helpdesk team as more responsive and professional.  Chat and drawing tools help us train people while they are on the phone in real time. 






          And it's been fantastic for patch updates and spyware removal.  We ran a report last month- the worst machine out of our 400 or so desktops had TWO spywares!   Amazing.






          The ability to push out patches, run jobs and keep machines up-to-date is the third best thing.   I have each machine set to turn off at night so we save thousands in electrical costs, plus can demonstrate green thinking to leadership.   And when a security bulletin comes out from the University Security CZar's office we are able to immediately tell our leadership "nope- none of our systems need those three patches".   We are, therefore, the most resilient and knowledgeable org. on campus when it comes to reacting to a security threat.   Without LANDesk, how would we ever know??






          Next we LOVE the ability to see the applications and patch level for each of our installed software packages.   We can see who has used the five licenses for package X, the 15 users who run suite Y.   And when we get the 16th user running suite Y, we can order more licenses.  NICE!






          Finally, the database and inventory has replaced our access tables and spreadsheets.  We can see the serial number, make and model of all installed systems.  And since we name them based on room number, we have a complete, on-line and real-time inventory of all assets.   Making us, once again, then star department on campus.






          We do LOVE it, we always enjoy working with it... and the LANDesk Community where we can collaborate and share issues is great too.






          I give it five happy faces out of five:        









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            I second that, we replaced SMS 2.0 in our environment and couldn't be happier. Above everything I would say the things LANDesk does best are inventory, distribution, and remote control. One of our first projects after installing LANDesk was a software upgrade on 200+ machines, I was able to push this out with just a few clicks.



            Also you cant beat the management gateway with inventory. Especially once you send a laptop out in to the field, you never know when you will see it again, at least with the gateway you can keep tabs on it. The owner of our company still loves that we can remote control to him no matter where he takes his machine.



            LANDesk is also very focused on customer feedback to help enhance the product. I can't wait to hear about the new versions coming out whenever we go to the users group meetings. It is nice having a product that comes out with updates frequently instead of 1 major release every couple years that really has no new features the customer wants.



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              I agree with all of the above comments about the application, it really is "awesome".






              However, the BEST thing about LANDesk for me is the support. When you call support, you always get someone on the phone who can help, unlike every other "Help Desk" I have dealt with where they just collect your details and if you are lucky, someone will call you back in a few days.



              The LANDesk support people are always knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and willing to do whatever is required to assist us. This is what I call excellent customer service that should be the benchmark for all application support.



              Any application is only as good as the support it recieves and LANDesk are the best at doing this. Keep up the great work all.






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                zman Master


                May sound stupid, but it is a FUN tool to use. I have used a lot of differnt applications, utilities and Desktop Management tools, and none are easier  to use. This leaves a lot of time on actually applying LANDesk's functionality in solving your company's problems and making you more effecient.  I like it becuase it allows me to be very creative in provided solutions to my company, since it is more "open" in its architecture than most products. Just look at the responses to the questions/problems posted here. Most apps you will get - to solve problem A - Complete Task B.  Here you have the whole variation on a them stuff going on, There are usually multiple solutions - all very creative.  






                But what makes it really fun to use are the people that actually use/support the product - the community.  I've learned more from this community than any training course, manual, webinar, mind meld, etc....






                Another item that makes LANDesk standout from all the vendors I deal with is...They actively seek out their customers for feedback and suggestions to better the product.  This really freaks out management where I work.  They listen even though what we have to say sometimes is very hard to hear.  



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                  phoffmann SupportEmployee

                  Good thread - fully endorse it and great feedback so far.


                  Zman - yes, what some customers tell us (either directly or through our partners) sometimes is not easy to hear.


                  Ultimately, which development-team/company wants to hear that something they've done isn't perfect? Reality is however that this is always the case - no product will ever please everyone all the time. Or if you know of such a program, I'd love to hear about it (I mean, there have been conversations on how to present "Hello World!" programs correctly back at university).


                  But that's the point - the painful messages are often the most useful, as long as they're creative criticism.


                  Stuff like "Component X sucks" doesn't help anyone.


                  Whereas something like "Well, Component X kind of does the job, but not really. Here's why (reason 1, 2, 3, 4...) and here's how you could do it better (example 1, 2, 3, 4, etc...)".


                  It is a living, breathing product, and hearing very sensible enhancement ideas is something that we actually enjoy. There are scenarios where responses were "Yes, that's a great idea..." and improvements have been found in the next version. Sometimes it takes longer ...


                  But certainly, keep up the good feedback. We certainly appreciate the help in trying to make the product better, so that it's even more useful and usable for your (our customers + partners) environments.


                  Thank you for the feedback so far - looking forward to seeing more ;).


                  Paul Hoffmann

                  LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                    zman Master





                    Not to get to off topic but this is one reason why I think the community needs a open (open needs to be defined) ER community or separate system. I believe we all agree that customer and ESP ERs are a very important part of the product.  Our company has always been very good at documenting not just the ER but also the "Why".  However, in most cases ERs are based on/come from creative ideas. As we have already discussed the benefit of the creative juices of this community, I believe that this same creative energy could benefit an ER community. What/Where/How that community is can be discussed but I feel it is essential for the product.  This became very clear (slap yourself with a wet cold towel in the face clear) at interchange when a couple of members were sharing their ER ideas.  Within that short 10 minutes, some very good ideas manifested themselves.






                    I just don't feel submitting ERs to LANDesk in an isolated environment or the "Hey this is what I want in LANDesk" posts  are the best way......



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                      bnelson Employee

                      Something not mentioned yet but has profoundly changed the way we support our users is Provisioning. For us it is more than a bare metal imaging tool. We use it for imaging all of our machines, oob, crashed OS, OS updates, Classroom Quaterly refresh, no matter what the need that causes us to image we use provisioning to get it done. The ability to image a machine with just 3 or 4 minutes of tech interaction is great. The machine has it's new OS, all of the software, joined to the domain, and user settings restored all while we are off supporting other users. No more sitting and waiting for the next step in the process, provisioning does it for you! If you have a room full of PC's, no problem. Just add the applications that you need and set each machine to pull that down, PXE boot and go to lunch! When you return you have a room full of freshly imaged PC's that are ready for end user use. 






                      What's more it is a great tool for projects. I just started a new job with the new year as the LANDesk Administrator, but where I was before we used it to remove old versions of symantec, reboot, strip out registry keys and delete directories, reboot, and install the new version of Symantec. Because we used provisioning it was a completely painless process and was also totally hands free. With 1000 desktops we saw better than a 97% success rate.




                      I also like the LANDesk community. Help comes from all over when you need it. LANDesk never leaves us feeling alone in our quest to further develop the way we use it. I am seemingly in constant contact with our TAM Shane, our local SE Seth Tossie, and of course the lovely Marykate O'Reilly! LANDesk makes us feel like we are part of a family, not just a number on the bottom line.

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                        What more can i say!!!! Considering that i have now moved on from Super Cheap Auto, to work for a partner for LANDesk 









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                          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

                          These are the types of responses I was looking for...responses that remind me that I support an amazing product.

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                            bnelson Employee

                            And, from the outside looking in, an amazing company!