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    Single PXE rep for multiple subnets


      Hello everyone,



      So we've run into a rather annoying problem. The networking department here was blocked "rogue" DHCP servers for security reasons which has also limited out ability to deploy PXE reps to machines on various subnets. They will whitelist certain ethernet jacks to allow us some PXE reps but this significantly limits our ability to use Landesk OSD effectively. We are therefore looking into ways to use a single PXE rep for all of our subnets.


      After browsing the community forums, droppedpackets, and checking out these Microsoft KB articles (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926172 and http://support.microsoft.com/kb/259670) it looks like the 2 ways that people have gotten this to work are changing the DHCP scope options or adding the PXE rep to the IP Helper tables for the routers.




      In working with our networking department, we were unable to get the DHCP scope options to work. After making the changes, the client computer is still requesting the files from our DHCP server, rather than the PXE rep specified under Option 66.


      I realize Landesk doesn't support these types of changes but I know that there are a decent number of people who are using this type of setup (or something similar). Has anyone successfully set up a single PXE for multiple subnets? If so, how did you do it and have you run into any problems?


      Alternatively, if anyone has other ideas to get around our networking restrictions, please feel free to share your experiences.