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    Users Can't add bare metal servers in v9

    escott0699 Apprentice

      We recently installed LANDesk v9 with a role that allows os deployment.  Some members of that group can add bare metal servers just fine and they show up in the list.  however others in that group can go through the adding device but the device never shows in the bare metal servers list.  I noticed a couple of disscusions that resolved this with a patch in 8.8 but i have not seen any references to this for v9.  Anyone seen this yet in v9?

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          Not sure with V9 but pre V9 there is an inbuilt 1 hour refresh on user scopes for anyone who is not a landesk administrator.  So the people who can see the devices straight away are administrators, others have to wait the 1 hour refresh.


          Quick fix is to get an administrator to manually refresh the Bare Metal Machines scope in the Users/Scopes window, every time someone adds a new device.


          It sux, but it's what we have to work with.

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            Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

            I have found that this may not work for remote consoles where the user is not a member of the LANDesk Management Suite Goup on the core. Adding a bare metal server adds a scn file to the ldscan folder on the core and if you are not a member of this group there seems to be a permission problem with this.


            If you add the users to this group it should fix the problem but also check that your scn files are being processed. You will see the differnt naming convention for the bare metal scn files in the ldscan folder.

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              This may help - I have done a bit of searching on this error as to why and if the user isn't a member in version 9 of the "LANDesk Script Writers" Group they actually don't have write access to the ldscan directory - Therefore they can not add Bare Metal Machines.