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    How to package Adobe Reader, Acrobat, and Flash plugin


      I'm sure everyone on here has to have adobe packages, and we may have all different ways to make them.  I've had to write a quick procedure so anyone in my office can update the package when a new version comes out.  I thought I would post this for other to use.  If you think it's usefull, let me know and I'll post more as I do them, and maybe other will post theirs.  (I'm thinking of making up a template to fill in)... I would be great to have a library of these type of directions..



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      How to package adobe flash and Acrobat reader (Acrobat writer is same directions as reader)


      1.       Sign up for ‘official rights’ at (takes minutes):

      a.       http://www.adobe.com/products/players/fpsh_distribution1.html

      2.       DL the adobe reader and flash (active X) from the links provided in email from adobe

      a.      For flash DL the MSI

      b.      For reader you have to DL an exe

      3.       DL the adobe customizer wizard (for acrobat)

      a.       http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3993

      b.      Install software and copy reader.exe file to the local machine (Use c:\temp for easy typing)

      4.       Unpack the reader.exe file

      a.       Open dos window

      b.      Cd c:\temp (or where ever you put the file)

      c.       adbeRdrXXXXX.exe -nos_o"reader9" -nos_ne

      d.      you should now have c:\temp\reader9 with all the install files

      5.       Use customizer to open the MSI from above

      a.       Set your options and press save

      6.       You can test your reader install manually with the command:

      a.       msiexec.exe /i AcroRead.msi TRANSFORMS=acroRead.mst /qn

      7.       Create new distribution packages (MSI) for flash

      a.       Just pick the MSI you DL’d earlier

      8.       Create new distribution package (MSI) for reader

      a.       Pick AcroRead.msi as the main MSI

      b.      Add extra file acroread.mst

                                                                     i.      NOTE: MST files may not pass your IIS server if using HTTP - add as a mine type

      c.       Add extra file data1.cab

      d.      Add ‘TRANSFORMS=acroRead.mst’ after the options on the command line

      9.     Schedule the template and run

      10.   Run a patch run after to update Reader to the latest version (if you have security suite)