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    finding assigned analysts history for an incident


      Hello Again!


      I am trying to write an sql query which returns analysts' guid's who had been assigned to  incidents (when either the incident's guid or it's im_id is known) which have been closed and the date/time the assignment happened. I know where to look for getting the list of closed incidents and I know how to get to the most recently assigned analyst for incidents that are open or resolved. The 'System' user is always the user that closes an incident and is also listed as the last update user when I look at the im_incident_closure table.


      Any suggestions as to finding the most recently assigned analyst for a closed incident  (I've been using im_incident_resolution.im_creation_user_guid, but am not sure if that is 100% accurate) and the records showing the history of analysts assigned to an incident whether open, resolved, or closed?