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    Reboot task does not complete? and kick off scheduled tasks




      1) Reboot does not complete


      The last task in my Operating System deployment script is a Reboot, and the machine then reboots into sysprep and configures itself. The image includes the LDMS 9 Agent with the

      The Status of the scheduled task however does not change from "Working" and the Reboot task never seems to complete.

      LANDesk Reboot Incomplete.JPG

      The device changes from a Bare Metal Device to a properly inventoried device so the agent appears to be working correctly, but the scheduled task does not complete. What do I need to do to make it complete successfully?


      2) Trigger scheduled apps to run immediately?


      Once the image prep is finished I would like to manually kick off an immediate policy sync to immediately download and install any pending applications that have been scheduled in LDMS. How can I achieve this?




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          Its not a good idea to include the agent in your images. Instead, move the agent install to the System configuration step. In the steps before System Configuration, I have noted that some things do not report as completed even though they have. You might also want to check the provisioning logs on the target machine.

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            Include the apps you want deployed to the machine in the System configuration step (Distribute software action). Its the best way to have your apps install in sequence and complete. The reason being, LDMS does not currently have Schedule task queueing available. Basically, as the queries populate the scheduled tasks, they will all try to run at once and instead, they will collide and fail to complete. Depending on the schedule in your agent, they will eventually cycle through and complete all the scheduled tasks, but it may take some time, possibly days. FYI, I have been experimenting with the exact same thing and the method I suggest works the best (so far).

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              Thx jmac.


              Gotcha re including the image in the base. We decided to do it for several reasons and I note that it is a valid approach. The agent operates ok, it is just that the reboot that is not being reported as complete for some reason.


              We are PXE booting, dumping the image, and then rebooting into Windows. I want to avoid booting back into a PXE a second time for any reason. The reboot completes successfully - it is just the provisioning history and the OSD scheduled task that is not updated. The machine correctly registers in the database and we can manage it in all the normal ways.


              jmac you say you have seen this kind of thing before? So perhaps if I put anything at all in the System Configuration area then the agent will report back correctly after Windows has finished loading?



              I can't deploy my applications during the build unfortunately since the application set will be different for each build. My idea was to have the help desk:

              * run the OSD job for the computer

              * associate a bunch of application tasks to the computer

              * have all associated applications installed in some sensible manner as soon as the system is ready, and not rely on the polling


              This this possible?


              Perhaps I could run a VBS or similar in the System Configuration stage which queries which tasks are scheduled on LDMS and then executes them one at a time? How might I go about that?




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                I'd suggest you look at making custom definitions then. You will have better luck with them completing as they run like patches and won't generally collide with each other. It takes a bit to get used to making them and it can be time consuming, but it does fix some issues with software distribution.


                With regards to some things not reporting completed, I think what happens is the machine becomes unable to report back to the core that it completed the step; like a system rebooting and going offline when it would be at the step where it would report back.


                You might also want to have a look at the Duplicate Device settings to ensure you database is clean(er) of duplicate entries. (services - inventory - devices) The default is computer name and mac, but you might want to switch it to just mac.

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                  OK, so in some cases I have sets of applications that I can push out with an OSD set (is that what you mean by custom definition?), but in most cases I have 5 random applications to associate, and a different 5 for each computer.


                  When I try to run them concurrently they clash and I get "Another installation is currently in progress". I believe this occurs because sdclient.exe is already running when the task comes along (ref).


                  Therefore, assuming all my tasks are Policy-Supported Push, can I run a policy sync or some command at the end of an application installation to tell the client to install the next associated application immediately? I have not had success testing this, but am not sure what command I should be running.


                  If this does work however, I still have the problem of ordering the installations...



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                    Custom Definitions are part of patch manager. Basically, you make your own LANDesk patches and then they run as part of a security scan. The benefit is that they don't collide and I have found it to be a great mechanism for deploying software. It also adds some complexity to the detection and deployment which might be beneficial.


                    Have a look at this thread for a command line switch you can try for manually running a plicy sync.


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                      Thanks jmac, I haven't investigated patch manager, but your other thread was very instructive!


                      What I'm going to investigate is using a 'Final' distribution package to run after the 'Main' distribution package in each Scheduled Task. The 'Final' package will simply run 'policy.sync.exe', or if it still conflicts perhaps run a batch file which waits for a short while and then runs policy.sync.exe. Do you think this might work?


                      I would like all the assigned applications to install in line, but I suspect that a policy-supported-push queue that retries reasonably frequently will be good enough.



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                        FYI we could not get the reboot task to report success. I am assuming this is a limitation of including the agent inside the image.


                        Therefore we just run a script instead to kick off a reboot. This does report success, and as long as we don't stick anything in the System Configuration step then it works fine.