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    Software distribution Portal? Launchpad?


      We've never used the feature before, but I recall there once was a web interface to allow users to install allowed software, etc. I thought it was previously called Software Distribution Portal... did the name change to LaunchPad? I've reviewed the Help and it doesn't seem to offer much assistance in how to set it up, more along the lines on how to maintain it. Are there any online quick'n'dirty documents to set this up?

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          Well I found that it's already deployed in the Desktop Manager. If I try to update the Optional list, it gives me this error:


          Failed updating the aplication list, LANDesk Management Agent is not responding.


          Now I'm trying to figure out how to get the packages listed in the LaunchPad/Portal. I set a couple to 'policy' as the delivery method, and always listed. Left the group blank because the help is not, er, helpful. How do I get packages to show up in the list? Can I force an update?