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    Create SQL Script to start a scheduled task


      Hi all,


      I am creating a tool to autocreate a LND Task, add computers but now i want to add an option to be able to  start the task.

      I tryed the following SQL query:


      "UPDATE LD_Task SET Task_Status='1' WHERE LD_TASK_IDN=[TaskIDN]"


      This does update the taks status but it doesn't start the task on the computer the status of the computers stay's on waiting.

      What do i need to do to also start the task on the computer?


      Thanks in advance

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          I think you're going to need to push SchedQuery.exe or one of the other Sched*.exe apps on the core to get what you're after.

          Before they introduced a way to control the frequency of how often policies would refresh (think pre 8.7 + some service pack), I made myself a little winbatch script that would push SchedQuery to get all the policies targeting freshly added/imaged computers. My script caused all tasks to refresh. You may only want the one task to refresh. You'll have to research the Sched*.exe command(s) switches to determine if this is even possible. I think it is, but i can't find the code to the script i made right now to tell for sure.

          Hopefully this alone is enough information to get you in the right direction provided it works obviously.


          Good luck!

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            The schedqry switch to resolve one task is: /policy=[ID]


            where 'ID' is the task ID




            schedqry.exe /policy=555