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    Can not Add New Analis


      Hi All,


      I've problem with added analis and end user in Landesk 731.

      im added new analis such as Andy, but Andy was register as end user. I remove Andy from End User and try to adding him as Analis.

      But it cant, cause Andi ID was register in databse(soft deletion). So, i must login as DB admin and removed from Database.. its complect and high risk.


      Is Landesk have fiture or any one have solutions for my problem?

      I want add new analis(and they was register in landesk as end user) without remove them directly from database.




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          aparker Employee

          This is becuase the record for any user is stored across two tables in the database. There is a single table that holds the core data for every user defined in the system (tps_user) and then there are four tables which represent the type of user ie. Analyst, End User etc. (tps_analyst, tps _end_user). When you create a new user of any type the attributes Name and Title are both held in the main tps_user table. The Name attribute must be unique irrespective of what user type you have.


          If you have a new user that has the same name as the one that has been soft deleted, write a query that shows the soft deleted users and open the one you have already got and just modify the Name attribute by adding an 'x' or something similar to it. This will allow you to created a new record with that same name. Do not re-use the existing user as this will confuse any repoting etc by including old data that has nothing to do with the new one.