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    HII in OSD - Can it be done


      I'm sure there is a way, but I'm not able to find it...


      I have HII working as per the doc online here.  But I want to run more commands (install software, patch etc..).  Is there a way to imbed the OSD script with HII in the Provisoning template?


      I'm working on a DOC -- how to provision for multi Lenovo system - Once I get a few more things worked out I'll post it up here.





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          EMiranda Expert

          yes im sure it can be done.  Problem lies with who or how you are going to schedule that provisioning template against the machine you are imaging with OSD


          one way, you could copy the ldprovisioning folder that is created when doing provisioning jobs, ie. X:\ldprovision when you do winpe provisioning and place that folder in your image.


          create your software based provisioning template, schedule it against computer you are imaging. when you schedule the provisioning job to a machine that is not online it will just sit in a pending or delayed state.


          now when you image your machine, you run a script after sysprep that will execute ldprovision.exe and it will connect back to your core and see there is a job pending and kick it off.


          if you don't schedule it, then you can still launch ldprovision.exe but it will prompt you for credentials and then you can manually pick the provisioning template you want.