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    Win 7 Provisioning - Getting stuck


      I'm working on a doc that details how to setup HII imaging for Lenovo system (windows 7).  It will be 1 method that will fully setup any lenovo machine (and easy to update when you get new hardware).  I'm stuck at a few points and could use some help.  I'll be posting the full doc once it's done.



      General process:


      Make master Image

      Capture Image


      Deploy image wih HII for Nic Card

      Use Lenovo thininstaller to put all drivers on

      deploy basic software (adobe etc)

      deploy office

      Clean and defrag the HD

      Update to proper agent


      I'm having issues with:


      1. Intergrating a HII OSD script with Provisioning (I've already posted a question on this).

      2. I've got my HII script able to deploy Win7 and seems good, except the firewall is on, and no other tasks will run (my provisioning template for software).  I need some method to disable the firewall so the agent can get it's other tasks

           - I've tried to use the agent config to push down the firewall disabled, but It only has vista as an option. (could be missing somthing there)




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          Hi Erik,


          You can run the following command to disable the firewall: netsh advfirewall set currentprofile state off

          You could also use thenetsh advfirewall command to properly configure the firewall.


          Personally my firewall is off on my captured image (which I know is a terrible practice) and get's turned on and configured by a GPO in AD.

          You can also do this in LANDesk, but individuals in our organisation are more comfortable with AD.


          I use provisioning template which works okay in LDMS 9 for HII both in XP and 7 (Seemed to work better in 8.8 for XP anyways) no real OSD experience so I can't really comment on the OSD question.