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    Preferred Server UNC Path Question


      LDMS 9 w/SP1


      How does LANDesk determine how to use the preferred server name when modifying the UNC path for a distribution package so that the client knows to go to the proper location on the preferred server? Is it something as simple as it just replaces what is between \\ and \ (as in \\coreservername\) with what is specified as the preferred server name? (as in \\preferredservername\)


      How would this work if the path was a DFS share?

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          Would be nice if you could set this as a variable... 

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            Preferred Server does swap the server name in nc with the preferred server name.




            In a dfs environment there are some items to consider.  This from 8.8 simply search your help file for DFS.  The main thing to keep in mind in DFS share is that the shares/paths are identical.


            will not work.




            Software distribution overview
            Using software distribution with packages on a distributed  file system (DFS)Distributed file systems (DFS) use several servers to provide files that are  available from a single file share.
            Software distribution's default method of  bandwidth detection in a DFS scenario ends up using the root server to
            calculate  bandwidth, which may not be the actual server that provides the file. Software  distribution now provides
            an optional way of calculating bandwidth. With this  new method, bandwidth detection retrieves a small portion of the
            actual file  being distributed. This way, software distribution calculates bandwidth from the  server providing the file.
            This alternate bandwidth detection method isn't enabled by default. You can  enable this option from the ntstacfg.in#
            file in the core server's ldlogon  folder. Once you update this file, the changes become part of new or updated  agent
            configurations. You must redeploy your agent configuration to devices for  the change to take effect.
            Look for this section in ntstacfg.in# and make the necessary changes.
            ; The following registry values control detecting bandwidth by  file download
            ; change the UseDownloadForBandwidth value to 1 to enable use  of file download for bandwidth detection
            ; the DownloadSize value should be  entered as a Hex value between 400 and FFFF(1024 bytes to 65535  bytes).
            REG1=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,  SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient\SoftwareDistribution\UseDownloadForBandwidth,  0, , REG_DWORD
            REG2=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,  SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient\SoftwareDistribution\DownloadSize,  2000, , REG_DWORD