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    New Mass Mailer Worm Affecting Some Exchange Customers


      Does anybody know if LANDesk AV is catching this???   


      Win32/Visal.B is a new worm that is currently propagating using mass emailing, and copying itself to local drives and network shares. Please note: the worm does not leverage a vulnerability in a specific product, but rather, uses a social engineering technique called URL obfuscation to trick a user to launch a malicious SCR file.


      Once the client system is infected, Win32/Visal.B uses MAPI to perform a mass mailing to all contacts that it finds on the system. Unfortunately, in a corporate environment the target audience may be extensive. As more machines on a corporate network are infected, more and more email is sent around on the local network, which can cause mail server performance degradation.


      Got an answer !!!  Thanks Paul!!