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    Scheduled task with queries


      Hi all,


      im trying to create a task whitch should runs once a day, the target clients should be the clients whithout a specific software.


      so, i have cretaed a task and a query( shows me only the cleints without this specific software) but i can't insert this query in this task.

      I i open a taks i see in the "Target devices" the part "Target queries" but they are now queries inside/ shows me up.


      or it is a copletly wrong way im doing this?

      Can anybody help me please?



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          Hi Homer,


          The way I complete this sort of work is:


          Create the task and edit the settings for start time etc etc.


          Find my query in the inventory


          With the scheduled tasks window open click the query and drag it to the scheduled task.


          You may find it takes some time to complete the operation so be patient.


          Now you should be able to look into the pending list of the scheduled task and see that all the machines from the query are present there.


          You can now start the task in any way you see fit.


          I hope this is helpful!