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    run inventory by starting a query


      Hi all,


      I have a query wich is showing up a few clients(mac's) without a specific software.

      Now i wan to create a a package / or command which will start the inventory on this clients?

      Do anyone has an idea how i can do this?



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          Clients do inventories in a few different ways. The agent configuration is the default. You clients will do an inventory as specified in the agent config and only at those times or events automatically. Its alo just an update from the last inventory and not a full so there is a possibility that something might be missed. You basically have 3 events to trigger an inventory: time, ip address change and login.


          You also have manual scan options. You can right click on a machine (or select multiples) and select to do an inventory scan.


          There is aso a script that can be scheduled to run. That can be tweaked to force the agent to do a full inventory rather than a delta.

          Add the /F to the line below in the inventoryscanner script.


          ;--- assumes that ldappl3.ini is in same dir as the .exe
          REMEXEC1=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\LDISCN32.EXE<qt/> /NTT=%server%:5007 /S="%server%" /I=HTTP://%server%/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /NOUI /NOCD /F


          Once the client has updated the database, the scheduler service will update your scheduled task by running the associated query at the time the scheduled task is started.

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            VaLr Apprentice



            If you are working with MAC OSX devices you have to use the next command line instead:


            REMEXEC0=/Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/ldscan

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              mrspike SSMMVPGroup

              We use this as a managed script:


              REMEXEC0=/Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/ldscan -F -R




              The -F and -R for a full scan and sync.

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                Great that is exactly what im looking for,


                thank you guys