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    Incident Crystal Report Line Graph


      Hi there,


      I'm really not an expert in Crystal Reports, but I've created a SQL view to get the data I woul like(Id, creation date, user, etc.).


      I'm struggling to create a line graph chart in Crystal with Total, Open and Closed Incidents from month to month.


      Does anybody have an example of a line graph chart report or something similar ?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.........Thank you. 

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee

          Hi Brian


          I've not done much with graphs in crystal in the past but I had a quick look for you.  If you insert the chart on the Data tab you would need "On change of" to be pm_process.pm_creation_date (and then set the order button to be "for each month") and lc_status.lc_name.  You would want the "Show value(s)" section to be a count of im_incident.im_id.


          Now the problem on a line graph is that it doesn't seem to show you a overall total just the count for each status.  I expected that I would be able to write a formula for this or something but couldn't work it out yet.  So instead I picked a stacked bar chart which shows total and the split per status nicely.


          Hope this is of some help.


          Best wishes


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            Hi Karen,


            Thank you for replying.  I really appreciate it.


            I've attached a sample report the user gave me as a moch-up.  It is not an actual report.


            I have found trying to create the line graph rather difficult and ended up with a pie chart for now until I can figure out the line graph.


            It gets rather fustrating, since I'm kinda new to Crystal.....


            Thanks again,