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    batch package with reboot


      Hi all,


      i'm trying to build a package which needs to reboot and continue installation after the reboot.


      the script (which uninstalls old sapgui, reboots and installs new version) looks like this:


      IF NOT "%2."=="." GOTO error
      IF "%1."=="." GOTO uninstall
      IF "%1"=="sapinstall" GOTO %1



      sdclient.exe /msg="%DATE% %TIME% - uninstall, cleanup.."

      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAP\SapSetup\setup\NwSapSetup.exe" "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAP\SapSetup\setup\NwSapSetup.exe" /uninstall /all /silent

      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAPpc" rd /S /Q "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAPpc"
      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAP\Frontend" rd /S /Q "%PROGRAMFILES%\SAP\Frontend"
      if exist "%PROGRAMFILES%\Gemeinsame Dateien\SAP Shared" rd /S /Q "%PROGRAMFILES%\Gemeinsame Dateien\SAP Shared"

      sdclient.exe /msg="Rebooting..."
      sdclient.exe /onreboot /bat /p=%0 /cmds=sapinstall
      sdclient.exe /reboot
      GOTO end




      sdclient.exe /msg="%DATE% %TIME% - installation of new sap package"

      cscript install\setup.vbs install\SAP_FULL.exe /silent
      cscript install\setup.vbs install\patches\bi710sp11_1100-10004472.exe /silent


      exit /B 1


      sdclient.exe /msg="%date% %time% - successfull installation."



      The uninstall section works fine and the reboot is triggered. After the reboot (Result: "Machine has successfully restarted") the package fails (Result: "failed to install package"). But this only happens when i do not directly login to the machine. If I login after the reboot everything is fine and the package continues with the sapinstall-section. If i do not login immediately the package fails.


      Is the above scenario only working with an autologin?


      Currently i'm using a workaround which creates a LocalSch.exe <...> /toe="logon" task, which fires the installation after the user logs on to the machine, but i would like to know if i missunderstand something using sdclient.exe /onreboot


      Thanks & best regards,



      ps: i'm running ldms8.8 sp4