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    Deploying Office 2003



      Hi All,



      Probably more of a Microsoft question than LANDesk, but during Office 2003 deployment, even though I have the custom mst file set to uninstall Office 2000. After deployment and installation, and subsequent reboot, Office 2K is still showing.



      Anyone ahd this issue / resolution before?



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          We've seen this in our environment also. Out solution probably isn't the best, but for any machines that still detect Office 2k, just push an uninstall package to them. The uninstall only needs to have the .msi for Office 2k, you don't need to push all the additional files.

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            bnelson Employee

            Typically I have seen this because the office install was set to run from a server. Usually that server share is no longer there or accessable and the end result is a failed uninstallation. As sevich said, build an uninstallation package and have it set as a dependancy package.

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              Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

              A Distribution Package with the office files included should work.


              One other option, sort of a trick, is to change the registry key so it knows where to find the Office files now.


              It is probably here on of the GUIDs under here:



              The next key is going to be different for each piece of software.  My Microsoft Office 2003 key is this:




              Anyway, under that key is this key:



              It usually has one entry already.  If the Net key doesn't exist it can be created.  All you have to do is create it or add to it.


              For example deploy a batch file distribution package that does the following:


              REM Batch file
              REM Add the new source
              Regedit /s addsource.reg
              REM Uninstall Office
              msiexec.exe /x {<your office guid here>} 
              REM Get the GUID from the Uninstall registry key


              Then the addsource.reg should have something like this:


              Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


              Note: The extra backslashes "\" are there on purpose.


              It deploys a little faster and you don't have to throw down the entire office CD just to uninstall office.

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                Any luck with this English_Bloke82?

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                  zman Master


                  I'm going to go with bnelson and rhyous. Sounds like the install source is not available. We usually find this in our shop where someone has installed from a CD/DVD or share that is no longer available.  You could add the reg key listed in rhyous' post into you ldapp and query for them. However, what you need to do first is grab the MSI install log files from the installation and see why it is failing. Office MSI log files are VERY large. To help you out use:






                  Wilogutl.exe - Log file parser/examiner - saves a lot of time!






                  Isolate the errors - You can list the errors in the log file, and see what is really going on.



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                    Sounds like the share location has moved servers in the last 24 months. Uninstallation package looks like the best solution. I will give that a go today and see what happens. Cheers all!

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                      <<<You could add the reg key listed in rhyous' post into you ldapp and query for them.>>>


                      Could you explain this further?


                      We are going to have a rough time with patching because Office is looking for install sources which aren't there anymore and I would love to figure out a way to fix these issues before patching.