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    Office2010 version 32bit, 64bit


      How can i query for Office2010 32bit vs 64bit? I haven't seen the values (32, 64) being reported back in the inventory.

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          Hi SQ


          You might be able to query for:


          Software>Application Suites LIKE Microsoft Office 64bit Components 2010 for 64bit versions


          Software>Application Suites LIKE Microsoft Office 32bit Components 2010 for 32bit versions


          Give that a try



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            This is what my query looks like:


            Software.Application Suites.Application Suite.Name like '64-bit Components 2010'


            Software.Application Suites.Application Suite.Name like '32-bit Components 2010'


            We have both 64bit and 32bit versions of Office2010 but the query only returns machines with: '32-bit Components 2010'. Additionally, some of the Office2010(64 bit) machines (like mine) are also returning a '32-bit Components ...' value!  I checked in SLM and it also didn't have a Office2010 64-bit entry listed.


            I'll dig some more in the meantime ..

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              Hi SQ,


              That is a shame that it does not yield any results! What is strange is that we only have 64bit clients in our environment and that query returns our 64bit installs ok!


              However, I am guessing that between 64bit  and 32bit version there will be a different exe version for each of the office applications.


              Therfore it might be worth comparing in the inventory the difference between a 32bit install and a 64bit install on the value:


              Software>Packages>Microsoft Corporation : winword.exe>version


              For my install of 64bit Office 2010, my file version for winword.exe is 14.0.4762.1000


              The irritating part of this may be that it changes as updates are applied. But I would have thought that the higher part of the version number would not change if there is a difference between 32bit and 64bit.



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                If you have installed Office 2010 including Microsoft Outlook 2010, Outlook sets a registry key named Bitness of type REG_SZ on the computer on which it is installed. The Bitness registry key indicates whether the Outlook 2010 installation is 32-bit or 64-bit

                • Registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook
                • Registry key: Bitness
                • Value: either x86 or x64



                To add to the above, the Outlook bitness value is set even when Outlook is not installed. The article does not indicate that this is the case.


                Since we are on 8.8(SP4), i'd assume that LD has the code handling this in ver. 9?

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                  Hi SQ,


                  Nice find! I think that would most definatley be searchable.


                  I dont know about 8.8(SP4), but are you able in that version to add the entry for that registry key to your LDAPPL3.template file in ldlogon?


                  There is a section for adding registry keys to search for and this should display that data in the Custom Data field of the inventory entry.


                  I know that in 9.0 SP1 I can do it this way anyhow.


                  So to the LDAPPL3.template file under the registry info section, you could add this line:


                  KEY=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook,Bitness, Custom Data - Office2010 - Version



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                    martin.gannon Expert

                    Hi Squreshi,


                    Please see my response to the discussion for the answer you are looking for How to tell the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Microsoft Office?



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                      nii.ansah Rookie



                      Since it's difficult to tell from software inventory data, we can use the location of the Outlook.exe file to determine the version, since 64-bit programs go straight into C:\Program files and 32-bit programs go into C:\program files (x86).


                      You can create a query, based on package inventory data.


                      Make sure you untick "Display scanned values" when before selecting "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Original Filename" as this can freeze your console for a long time, whilst it's going through all the scanned values.


                      Below are details for a sample query


                      Step 1: Search conditions
                      Specify search conditions for the computers you're looking for. Click Edit to create a new condition.
                      "Computer"."Software"."Package"."Original Filename" = "Outlook.exe"
                      AND ("Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name" = "Microsoft Office 2013"
                      OR "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name" = "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013")


                      Step 2: Attributes to display
                      Select the information you want to display as columns in the results. Click Edit to insert an attribute.
                      "Computer"."Display Name"
                      "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Name"
                      "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Install Date"
                      "Computer"."Software"."Add or Remove Programs"."Program"."Version"
                      "Computer"."Primary Owner"
                      "Computer"."Login Name"
                      "Computer"."Last Software Scan Date"