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    LDMS SP1, Patches


      Is there a document or link that has all the post LDMS9 SP1 patches?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Not really, as such - not a public one anyhow.


          There will be one shortly (in circa a month or so, when SP2 launches) - which will be the SP2 readme. If you want specific components patches up, you can just request that from support (it's pretty common to ask "could I have the latest Inventory Service/Scanner patches please").


          We used to (I'm talking here anno 2002 and thereabouts) try to be very vocal about when we released patches, but the (interesting) reaction to that was rather than the expected "thanks for keeping us posted on issues fixed" a mindset of "oh dear, you have a lot of bugs" (as opposed to us trying to respond quickly to issues).


          So after a few years (and a few instances where every patch ever released seemed to be installed "en gros" without real necessity) we changed to being more reserved about it - generally, patches shouldn't be installed unless they're needed, since we can't do a full (6+ weeks) regression test on the hotfixes (that's what the service packs are for).


          Critical patches that affect a lot of customers will get released as bulletins on community and/or as LANDesk patch-content.(once we're reasonably sure that they won't break people's environments).


          Does this answer your question somewhat?


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead