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    Incident Assignment


      We have several teams of analysts using the service desk, who are in groups i.e. "Service Desk", "Networks", "Financial" etc.


      As part of the process, all incidents when created are assigned to the "Service Desk" group. This is starting to cause issues as other groups don't get to see these incidents and if they forget to assign the incident to the correct team they've effectively lost the incident, until a Service Desk Analyst realises and reassigns the incident back to the correct group.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the process "Assignment" to default to the creation analysts group, without messing up the e-mail and service portal incident creation for the end users?

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          aparker Employee

          Hi Mark,


          The easiest way is to use the Value Type function on an assignment to automatically assign the process to the group as you suggested. The best option to choose would be the Create User's Current Group.



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            Hi Andy - If I use "Create User's Current Group" then I'm going to have incidents that get lost in the system as end users creating incidents via service portal would mean incidents being assigned to groups other than "Service Desk" "Networks" etc. as end user current groups are based on their SLA - within our service desk set up. That is why I'm hesitating and making a post on here!

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              aparker Employee

              You can create a condition that can check for the type of user who created the process. If it's an end user then always assign to ServiceDesk or use some other rule that can determine the correct group or for an analyst assign to their group.


              How does that sound?

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                So a condition in the process to determine if the {user type.name} is "End User" then assignment takes place as normal to the service desk group, else assignment based on the value type to "current group name".


                other conditions can also be applied so that the Assignment Notification - which we're using as the "You have raised an incident" message to end users - is group specific i.e. "You have raised an incident with the Financial Support Group".


                Think I'll go get to work on the test system ...

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                  A small thought on the group specific messages.  One of our customers created a header and footer text message stored on each support group window and then inserted those as symbolics into the reminder sent out.  That way the messages in the process is the same, but the contents varies depending on the group.