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    Failed SP4 upgrade with ldpgp.exe application error.


      Hi All


      It was recommended that I upgrade our core server to SP 4 from SP2a..During this process I encountered an application error with ldpgp.exe, this error consistently appears throughout the upgrade and after the final reboot. I don't know what this means or what the impact is but I have rolled back. I then upgraded to SP3 which went successfully and from SP3 to SP4 and again the error appeared.


      If anybody can shed light onto the problem and advise a solution then it would be greatly appreciated.


      I have attached a screen print plus the upgrade log.


      Kind Regards



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          have you tried to download again the SP4?

          I see there various possibilities:

          1. One of the files  in the "C:\Program files\LANDesk" folder has a stream or is write protected so the service pack is not able to update these files
            To check for read-only files:
            a. Open the command prompt (Run -> cmd.exe)
            b. issue this command:attrib "C:\program files\landesk\*.*" /s | sort /R > landesk-files.txt
            c. Open the file landesk-files.txtwith NOTEPAD: if some file is hidden or readonly it should display at the beginning of the file.
            To check for streams:
            a. Download from Microsoft the utility STREAMS.EXE and run it with there parameters:
                 streams -s -d "C:\program files\landesk\*.*"
            This action will remove completely the streams
            NOTE: if LANDesk is installed on another drive then C:\execute the procedure for both the C:\ (despite the drive where you install LANDesk you will always have something on C:\ and the drive/path where LANDesk is installed.
          2. The Service Pack you have is corrupted. Try do download it again from LANDesk


          Can you post on the forum the MD5 hash of the ldpgp.exe and of the ldpgp.exe (it is in C:\program files\landesk\managementsuite ) ? You can calculate the MD5 of a file with any shareware application like for example MD5Summer.




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            Unfortunatly the only solution was to re build the Core, as a result the problem has been resolved.