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    windows installer api vs. msiexec.exe

    HMA76 Rookie


      Hello together,



      I sometimes have issues with Software Ditribution Packages checked in as MSI Packages and I´m interessted whether I´m alone with that or not.



      LANDesk uses the Windows Installer API instead of just kicking on the msiexec.exe when it installs MSI Pakages on local clients (see http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1595 for reference). When I now consider MSI properties like ADDLOCAL or PATCH, I recognized that they are actually not supported by the API integration of LANDesk. Yes, there is a work around (using BAT files) but in some scenarios this works rather bad and not fit into the deployment concept.



      I asked myself for a long time, why is LANDesk not simply using msiexec.exe directly?



      Have you ever thought about such issues, is that a pain for you, too?



      Thanks for sharing your experience.









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          Fabian Schmidt Expert





          I must say it works very good with the LANDesk API. I'm cuurently doing a large Software Deployment Milestone on customer side and everything works fine withe the combination of msiexec and LANDesk API.



          For example Java Runtime, there are a lot of switches and also ADDLOCAL and it works.



          I made the experience, that i can use almost all common msiexec switches instead of the /q* and the restart Options. All the quiet switches are given from the delivery method, also the reboot options, but to be sure i always add the RESTART=ReallySuppress Switch to the command line.







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            zman Master


            I have to agree with schmiddi, it works well in our shop. I would say that most of the issues we have are basically MSI issues and understanding the LANDesk caching issues. I have  used numerous MSI properties on the Install/Uninstall.  Things to watch out for:





            • Make sure you are not just downloading, caching and running just the MSI.  Several ways to do this. Use Delivery Methods | Network Usage | Use run from Source. Also make sure Use Delivery Methods | Network Usage | Download | Download Timing is set to 0s.

            • Or you can use Distribution Package | Additional Files.



            Also, properly identifying why the MSI failed is very helpful (MSI installer is whacked, etc...)  Wilogutl.exe - Log file parser/examiner - saves a lot of time!


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              James.Rowney Apprentice

              Hi I am after advice on if landesk can uninstal software via the below string using msiexec.exe and the GUID.


              First either manually uninstall nav 8 or run this


              msiexec.exe /q/x {0EFC6259-3AD8-4CD2-BC57-D4937AF5CC0E}   This is what I’m hoping LANDesk can do for us.


              Any advise greatly accepted.





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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                No reason why it shouldn't - remember, any command-line you can run, you can also run with LANDesk, James.


                In this particular case, I'd suggest using a batch file. For more detail, check out this doc - "Understanding Batch File Distribution Packages":



                Paul Hoffmann

                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead