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    Provisioning Windows 7 failure


      HI All


      I am just starting to use provisioning for our rollout of Windows 7.


      I was having success on a test image, but now the real thing is playing up.


      The script is running, I am downloading the image, injecting the cript is fine, and CTOS is pushing out the ldprovisioning folder.

      System boots, sysprep runs, LANDesk Management Agent is running.


      At this point the system stops progressing. THe system just sits in windows and stalls.

      The Next command is to install the LANDesk Agent, but this does not occur.

      In the console the Machine Status is Working. But nothing happens.



      My problem is, i do not know how to fault find this from this point. I cant seem to find a log file showing what is happening. Can someone please give me some tips.



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          Can you ping the core server from the device you've imaged?  If the provisioning agent is active after sysprep as you seem to be indicating then it will be trying to make a connection to the Core.  Is it on the network - have you added the correct network drivers to HII?  It pays to not rely on Windows 7 automatically detecting and installing the NIC drivers as sometimes it doesn't do that great a job.  Its safer to make sure you have the latest NIC drivers included in your HII process.


          If you are connected to the network is the firewall on?  Also check that you can ping the netbios name of the core since the provisioning agent will be using this name, not the fqdn.

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            My guess would be that the NIC is not installed. Check Device Mangler and see what is missing.

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              Thanks Guys



              Silly Me had not checked network connectivity!! Just assumed it was working as windows was installed initially.


              The machine is not on the noetwork, however, the Device manager shows the NIC working (and enabled), but windows is not trying to use it to connect. an ipconfig /all does not show it with any IP address. Thew indows Diagnosis message is "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter"


              I'm not using HII. Any ideas on how i can fix this from here?


              Is HII hard to setup from here? I have not gone there yet for fear of doing my head in! I thought WIndows 7 was doing such a great job that i did not need to! Guess I was wrong.

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                It sounds like Windows 7 has tried to install the correct NIC driver but failed - like I said this tends to happen fairly often with the NIC in my experience.


                Unless you're planning on having multiple images for different hardware then HII is the way to go.  It's actually very easy in version 9, I'm sure there are plenty of documents on here that'll get you started but its all very visual now.