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    Windows 7 Provisioning - Scripted Install


      I've created a template to do a scripted Windows 7 install.  I don't know how pretty it is, but it does work (for the most part).  The main problem I'm running into is that I have settings in the unattend.xml file that are getting completely ignored.  For instance, I set networklocation to work, but it doesn't select it for me.  The other setting that is ignored is the timezone.  Attached is my unattended file and my scripted install template.  Any help/advice would be appreciated.


      Note:  I am doing some...interesting things with custom prompts and unattended injection, but that has little to do with this problem.  I just mention it in case you notice it in my template.  Basically I have an autohotkey script that asks for the computer name and the timezone.  It then saves that info to an inifile on the X: drive.  I then use a VBS script later to read that info and inject it into the unattend.xml file.  I use a similar approach for XP and sysprep, and it works GREAT.  Everything works fine, and the unattend.xml from the C:\Windows\Panther folder shows the correct values.