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    Will a preferred server list substitute UNC for http?


      I'm sure this has been asked many times, but I'll be darned if I can find it. Read through the manual, didn't appear to be anywhere in that.


      In any case, here's my question. If I build my packages with an http source (such as, say, http://<CoreFQDN>/ldlogon/packages/yaddayadda.exe), will setting up a preferred server with a UNC path work? In other words, if I deploy the yaddayadda.exe package, will it sub in \\<PrefServer>\ldlogon\packages\yaddayadda.exe?


      I need to use http for my main packages, since many of my machines go through a management gateway. Simultaneously, the bulk of the machines are across the country from my core (for historical reasons), but on a routable network. I'd like to put a share over there. Since I can't deploy all the types of things I need to deploy via an http preferred server, that leaves UNC.