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    deploy txt file


      Hi all,


      i would like to deploy a txt file to folder that i have create first. (on mac)

      I'm not sure how i can do this? I have tried the "New file transfer script" but i allways recieve an error: Unkon status code (0x8DB0007F,3504:127)


      or im doing wrong is there an another way to do this?


      can anyone help me please?


      Im using LDMS and V9 agents

      That is my script:

      REMEXEC0=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /p="http:/test/test.txt" /dest="\Library\Application Support\test.txt" /lan=90 /wan=60




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          Hi Homermg,


          I am not sure if all of those LANDesk scripting options work on Mac's but I see at least one big issue, sdclient.exe does *not* exist in a Mac, you should just call 'sdclient' (without the .exe), also you seem to be using the wrong slashes, ( '\' -> Windows, '/' -> Unix).


          Also, the %LDMS_CLIENT_DIR% seems to be a Windows only environment variable, unix one should be something like $MYVAR.

          If the %VAR% does not work you can write the full ldscan path, "/Library/Application Support/LANDesk/bin".




          If you are not able to get it to work you can try setting just the following options in the script.



          ;This will download the file

          REMEXEC0="curl http://test/test.txt -o test.txt -s"

          ;This will move the file to the path you require

          REMEXEC1="mv test.txt /Library/Application Support/test.txt"


          If this still fails, check if you can move the file to a different folder, try using /tmp.

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            If this is just a static text file, why don't you just package it up with Package Maker or Iceberg and deploy the package?


            Or you can create a shell script that looks something like this:

            curl -s http://server/test.txt /Library/Application\ Support/test.txt


            Save that with a .sh extension, make it executable (chmod +x script.sh), zip it up and deploy that as a distribution package.

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              thank you guys!