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    Freeing up processes




      We have a license with 7 processes. At present there are processes being used up by the 'Customer' process and 'Knowledge management' process that I don't intend to use. However, I cannot deactivate these processes as they are set as default. Is there any way around this?





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          Apart from those processes, how many of your operational processes are currently active? Specifically in relation to those processes, the Customer process is inherently linked to the Customer object and as such you can't disable that one. I'll bow to better authorities on the knowledge one, but I'm going to say the same for that, so you will still need to look at the operational ones rather than these to free up processes.



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            Your license key might say 7 processes, but the Customer Group and Knowledge processes are system ones which were added into the number you bought.  So I'm guessing on your order you bought 5 license and thus you end up with 7 on the key.  As Andy mentions, it's only active ones that count though, so you might be able to deactivate ones you don't need any more?