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    Security Locked Out


      I am running Landesk Classroom Manager and over half of my students are displayed as a blank screen that says, "Security Locked Out."  Has anyone else had this problem?  How do I fix this?  Because it says locked out I can't send or receive files and I can't work with their computer at all.  Also, the lock out randomly shifts.  Sometimes I can see a student's computer and sometimes it says locked out.  This was a problem today because I blanked their screens and then it shifted the lock out so I couldn't unblank the screens that I was locked out of.  


      Any help would be great. 

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          A new addition:  some students are coming as Missing Student.  When it says Security Locked Out I can send them a file if I highlight them along with others that aren't locked out.  However, I can't highlight just their account and send them a file.  Again, this shifts around randomly.