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    Custom data from ldappl3.template not accessible in Management Console


      I'm attempting to pull in custom information from the registry on remote computers using ldappl3.template on v9.0.0.473.  I went in and added the following:


      KEY=HKCU,Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page,Custom Data - Internet Explorer - Start Page


      I then went to Reporting / Monitoring / Manage Software List and clicked on "Make Available to Clients".  On my test machine, I went in to the Inventory Scan and appended "/F /SYNC" to the end and ran the Inventory Scan.  I checked the local ldappl3.ini files to make sure they reflected what the template file said, and it did.  However, when I go to the Management Console and try to access the custom variables, they are not there.  I thought it might be because I was attempting to access HKCU, so I just changed "Custom Data - Internet Explorer - Start Page" to "Custom Data - Internet Explorer - Version" (because this variable already existed on the Management Console), and it pulled the IE Start Page just fine.


      Going to Configure > Inventory History, it looks like I can only pull variables that exist in this list.  How do I get it to update this information to reflect the custom information?


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